“Let’s share a moment of life! »

At the root

Grandson and son of a winegrower, I worked for nearly twenty years in consulting for the French wine industry. I had the pleasure of supporting exciting and very varied projects in many regions and of meeting exceptional people who fueled my passion for vines and wine. I have therefore always kept in mind to establish myself as a winegrower in order to go further, in a concrete and sincere approach, in line with my convictions.

In 2020, I had the opportunity to take over the Château de La Perrière estate, at the foot of Mont Brouilly, in Saint Lager (my native village), in the heart of Beaujolais, and thus make my dream come true.

All that was left to do was roll up your sleeves! To use my experience and my passion around this project so that every little detail can allow the essential: to share with you unique moments of life with authentic wines...
It's the La Perrière spirit!

The vineyard

Organic farming and biodynamic principles are obvious to me and have been implemented gradually since my installation. I seek to practice a real agriculture of the Living which gives a central place to Nature. In short, we are only witnesses to this incredible experience that is Life… So, let's give ourselves the chance to welcome all the surprises it has in store for us!
The first harvest certified AB will come with the 2023 vintage, in particular on the parcel of the place called "Côte de Brouilly" which, by its exceptional location and the care that I bring to it, will constitute my guide in the continuous improvement of my practices. : towards the best of
The perpetual search for quality led me to restructure the original vineyard and to plant the Chardonnay grape variety on part of the plots located on the clay-limestone soils of the estate. To the production of current red wines will therefore be added from the 2024 harvest a Beaujolais Saint Lager White. First steps towards recognition of our Brouilly terroirs on a white grape variety? The rest of the story is to be invented!

The hill of Brouilly (cradle of the Côte de Brouilly cru) raises its slopes on a soil composed mainly of volcanic rocks, including the famous andesites, and draws racy and powerful wines, whose subtleties do not leave the taster indifferent, depending on the location. -say where they were produced.
The vines of Château de La Perrière are located on the places called "Le Pavé" and "Côte de Brouilly", to the east and south-west of the hill.
The Brouilly cru extends to him, at the foot of the hill, on varied soils, mainly granitic and schistose, but also clay-limestone, and gives greedy and generous wines which the amateur will always be satisfied.
The Brouilly plots of Château de La Perrière are mainly located in the place called “La Perrière”, to the east of the appellation.